When's the last time someone raved about their EAP?
It's too rare. Let's change that.
Shift EAP is a turnkey wellness solution that is proactive, engaging, and highly personalized.
Traditional EAP providers are focused on large-scale, bulk offerings that are vague, difficult to navigate, and insincere in their approach.

It's 2019. We can do better.

We believe that today’s companies deserve a better solution — one that delivers champions building a culture of wellness for their people inside and outside of the workplace.

Ditch your bulky EAP for a leaner alternative that's tailor-made for the modern workforce
Strengthen your employees'
wellness and performance
Give employees the freedom to access care anywhere
Build whole people that will admire your organization
How we are different
Megan Rafuse, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Shift Collab 

The EAP market is due for a big shakeup.

For years, employees have been underserved. As our societal needs for mental wellness support are at an all-time high, we are throwing our hat in the ring. 

And so, in 2018 we launched Real Campus, Canada's largest Student Assistance Program (SAP). 

In less than one year, we are already seeing 800% the usage month over month from the previous offering which was delivered by a large national provider.

In short, people are actually using the service. So how did we do it? 

That goes back to our DNA. We think about mental wellness differently because we are focused on making it simple, relatable, and actionable. 

This is underpinned by our five core principles: 

We believe the conversation around mental health doesn't need to be stale.

We speak the language of your managers and employees, ensuring that we support their needs in a meaningful, measurable way.

We believe wellness is collaborative.

Our wellness solutions are multidisciplinary and allow users to access care from anywhere.

We believe everyone needs an advocate.

We have built a dedicated Care Coordination team made up of top-tier counsellors to guide your people through the options that are available to them, suggest care options, and ensure that their wellness goals are being met.

We believe care needs to be flexible.
Our care solutions combine a mix of in-person, virtual and on-demand services, ensuring that no matter where your people are (or how busy their lives get!) they have support when they need it.
We believe connection is everything.
Our team of carefully selected therapists are available to see clients from our workshops on an individual basis, making our approach to client support seamless and our quality of care higher. 
Every program includes all the services you'd expect,
​​​​​​​plus a modern delivery system.

Exceptional therapists, doctors, and lifestyle counsellors based in Canada
A mobile platform that uses AI to track wellness and provide wellness tools

On-site and online mental health education and training by our world-class team of facilitators

A program implementation campaign, that improves your workplace culture


Access to wellness content, video courses, and white-labeled content that fits your vision for your personnel

Leadership consulting and strategy to communicate and implement a culture of mental wellness
Real-time aggregate data on the wellness of your team and use of sessions

Daily tools for your managers and employees to practice better wellness

A Care Coordination team that is your employees' main point of contact
Shift EAP is made by Shift Collab in
partnership with Avail.

Shift Collab is a leading wellness provider for highly driven people and teams. 

Our team of over 50 people, and our provider network of over 900 practitioners, are proud to be the preferred partner of wellness solutions to top companies, insurance groups, campuses, and leaders like you. 

Avail is the world's smartest turnkey mental health and well-being engagement platform.

We work with organizations to improve their mental health and well-being culture through member education, care resource curation, and HR policy insights for management.

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